Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day 5: Tulips


}click on my tulips for larger sizes{

You can not show patience to stay too much in covered places. You are fulfilled with a deep desire to discover something new. And, you are in Istanbul!

I understand very well you have the energy but no idea to start up where and how to enjoy the Spring time in Istanbul? Here's my personal Spring Joy List showing how it can be enjoyed to the fullest:
"Best Top 10"

  1. Adore over 9 million planted tulips of 82 different varieties,
  2. Get the taste of the glorious Ottoman Tulip period,
  3. Enjoy the 5th International Tulip Festival from Apr 2 to 18th in Istanbul,
  4. Purchase tulip bulbs at the kiosks and start to grow your Istanbul tulip at home,
  5. Join for "The Most Beautiful 50 Tulips" photo contest,
  6. View gorgeous tulip gardens certainly at the Emirgan Woods,
  7. Be friends with the giant tulip sculptures placed around the town,
  8. Make up a Tulip Skirt (for ladies!),
  9. Consider tulip as your most cherished gift to your loved ones,
  10. Share your favorite poem or quote about tulips.

Arrival of Istanbul Spring appears with tulips (Turkish: Lale). This year tulips had already bloomed very early by mid-march although
April is the "Tulip Month" for us Istanbulites. Tulips will be flowering with late-bloomers adorning the gardens and forests until May 15. Unfortunately they do not live very long.

Not only this town but every part of the country are dressed up with colorful tulips! As Ralph Waldo Emerson said in his quote 'Earth laughs in flowers', I would say that country of Turquie laughs in tulips, definitely!

From today kicking off the tulip season at CrossRoads:) A five-day tulip festival at this corner to be ended up on the April 18th with a surprise giveaway, so keep tuned. Will you?


  1. Tulips are so beautiful and come in such variety. I enjoyed all the photo's but that little tulip fence really caught my eye.

    I chose tulips for the flowers at the recent 90th Birthday Party I hosted for my Mom.


  2. Nihal, another very nice post, these pictures of tulips are beautiful, with so many different shades. I see you've used a lot of colors in the text for the word "tulip": it's a nice effect indeed!
    The function of the snow cannons is to better the ski runs adding new artificial snow, nowadays they are much used in our ski resorts.
    Have a pleasant evening :-)

  3. Hi Nihal

    Beautiful, beautiful. I love flowers, your pictures are almost like the real ones.

  4. @ Thyme: Very pleased to hear from you, especially good to see your back in blogland:)

  5. Coming from Dick's blog -I see you love tulips -especially the white-purple combination -so beautiful (I'm Dutch so I'm partial to tulips!)

  6. These photos are breathtaking...I"m glad Sandi sent us to see them!