Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dancing With A Crane

Chance and luck. Fidelity and happiness. Ceramics and tile. Health and peace. Friendship and brotherhood. Wings and harmony. Love dance and Zeibek. Passion + Anything art. Would not you like it?

¨¨click on photos to enlarge¨¨

turkish and japanese people..

their passion for the cranes..

thought to be a common theme..

in an exhibition..

of Cranes..

and the presentation of graceful love dances of cranes 'Zeibek'.

Cranes Fluttering for Peace (Turkish: Barışa Kanat Çırpan Turnalar) highlight all things connected to our emotions and the long term. Raising the awareness
for the protection of these awesome birds and giving the message of friendship and brotherhood existing between two nations Turkey and Japan for years and years.

Yesterday I enjoyed visiting this art exhibition! It was exciting to see how both cultures have been fascinated by those awesome birds since the beginnings of their recorded history.

First day opening ceremony was ended with a great Zeibek (Turkish: Zeybek) dance show. Did you know Zeibek, our folk music and dance unique to the western Anatolia, inspired by the cranes? The Zeibekiko known as Greek popular folk dance originated from Turkish zeibek dance patterns, did you know?

This week I am asking you to slot in some down time to yourself. Stop working to a black and white print, inject some sunny yellows, skyblues or passionate reds into your daily recipe! Starting here, starting now:)

Me? I dream dancing with a crane;)

For art lovers, for peace lovers, for nature lovers, for bird lovers, for green lovers do not miss to visit it!

Venue: CKM Caddebostan Kültür Merkezi (on the Asian side)
Date: Apr 10-16, 2010
Organization as a part of Japan Cultural Year 2010 in Turkey


  1. What an interesting exhibition, thankyou for sharing.

  2. Wonderful art, dance and surely music! I hope you enjoyed the exhibition!

  3. A very great post, Thanks :))

  4. Wonderful series!
    A very interesting exhibition!

  5. The exhibit looks wonderful. I imagine the dancing and music was too. Thanks for the little history lesson. I always learn something from your posts, even when they are about art.


  6. Dear Nihal,
    I have learned something, too about zeibek! Thanks for little bits of information!

    I couldn't learn how to make a folded origami crane unfortunately!

  7. @ Darla: You're welcome, I'm grateful to hear that I provide value thru my posts:) I only write what makes me happy, and I try to 'don't be "That Person" '.

    @ Inci: Is it you saying that? Tell me you are kidding;) You have also been logged in japanese culture for a big part of your life (more than me!), still you go on. I did not know origami was far away from you. Watch both video tutorials I highlighted, that make learning origami fast and fun. When I meet you up I'll give you a demo:)

  8. Nihal, what a great post. Surely you enjoyed very much the exhibition: it's all so beautiful, with those interesting and refined art works, the music, the people. I really enjoy this wonderful sequence of images!
    About the origami cranes, I'm glad you are adding new colors: it would be nice to see a picture of all your 1000 cranes, when they will be finished :-)
    Happy week!

  9. Beautiful art.
    Capital of Europe is a great event for your lovely town.
    Have a nice day.

  10. Nihal, I've missed you. I've been so crazy busy with work that I haven't had time to visit.

    And, today I come here and find the beauty of cranes. I spent most of my life living near the water, and have loved cranes since I was a young child.

    The art you share is exquisite, and the peace of the crane is a gift for all.