Saturday, April 10, 2010

Folding Cranes For Cranes

Cranes.. these incredible birds are beautiful in real!

Even their origami models are also very beautiful, and fun to fold! I love the tradition about it that keeps a belief like this: you can send it to spread your wish for joy and peace in the world and for your loved ones.

I started folding Senbazuru; this japanese word means one thousand origami paper cranes. Ancient japanese legend promises that anyone who can fold a 1,000 origami cranes (with no matter the size and color) in a year that makes a person's wish come true in addition to becoming a popular symbo
l of peace and health internationally.

You see my photos, I have 364 days remaining, and 989 cranes to be
finished. In the meantime, I am open to send off my origami crane to anyone who wants to exchange, always welcome:)

Watch this video on how to make bird base and then this video how to make an origami crane if you do not know. Let me say, it is very very easy, and less than five minutes you are required, that is all.

Come tomorrow to see Cranes Fluttering For Peace.
You'll be amazed by no wonder!


  1. There is Origami paper in my cupboard that my husband brought from Japan last year. It has been years since I made an origami crane.....back to the early 70's when we were living there during military assignment. If I find that I can still make a crane, I would be happy to exchange a crane with you. Good luck with the thousand cranes! That is a hefty goal!

  2. So interesting. 989 cranes to be done! They are so joyful! No green and blue cranes?
    Happy Sunday, Nihal :-)

  3. My daughter folded a big crane for me to accompany my storytelling for kids. She has also made many small ones, just for fun and I've given them to kids at special sessions - especially during Chinese New Year to wish them joy and luck. All the very best to you too!

  4. Folding 1,000 cranes sounds like a big project but I'm sure you will succeed. Look how many you have so far.


  5. Oh my, folding 1000 cranes? I wish you good luck but I do that anyway, with or without 1000 cranes.

  6. @ Pietro: It was a random choice, I found some red and white papers in my stash, then quickly made a start with those two colors. Last day I folded some orange and yellow cranes. Sure green and blue's will be:)

    @ Keats SG: Thanks a lot for the inspiration & good wishes, all treasured:)

    @ Dick: Yeap, I know craziness on board;) By today # of cranes I made: 30 since apr 09.