Thursday, April 08, 2010

Urban Paradox


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I know, you know... istanbul is romantic,
I know, you know... istanbul is historical,
I know, you know... istanbul is remarkable.

Well, I know but did you know istanbul is ugly?

One good thing about being off blog for a good amount of time is that I have many issues untold and unwritten that I want to share.. like above that I took in a couple rainy hours now when I was looking outside from the window. Low-sized, mid-sized, tall buildings..
not well organized, not healthy, not giving clean appearance! It will not be wrong if I say this is the ugly face of urbanization and unfortunately marred the beauty of Istanbul.

What's the ugly face of your living area/town?


  1. There's an ugly face to Madrid too. Illegal settlements of poor people who can't afford to buy a flat -prices are awfully expensive-. Only between the highways to Barcelona and Valencia there's one of these illegal camps, where more than 35.000 people leave.

    Rather than ugly, this is a social issue, I know, but ugly too.

  2. Dear Nihal unfortunately your ideas true,you can see tall buıldings and nearby one flat home.Best wishes,stay well.

  3. There are such places in all towns,there is no idendical place on earth,try to find our paradise inside us.
    Regards from Thessaloniki.

  4. Hello Nihal! Reading your funny comment, I understand you are astonished by the snow in April! :-) I think this year the skiing season at 1300 meters will go on till the end of the month! I don't ski at the moment, but I am fond of skiing.
    These nice images of the "ugly face" of Istanbul are significant; of course, also in Turin there are areas which are not nice.
    Happy weekend!