Saturday, April 24, 2010

If You Love Rain Drops

I received an e-mail. She was writing me from Toronto (Ontario, Canada). A Turkish girl studying for her doctorate studies there. She said that she found pretty gorgeous the items I posted on my blog, and continued saying she is very interested in 'rain drops' filigree (fine silver stitching, telkari in turkish) earrings. If I could send her more photographs of alike earrings, she asked.

Checking out my boutique-style collection, and only following 4-models were best fitting in accordance to her request. Replied her with images and models code (a), (b), (c) and (d):

Pretty nice, aren't they. Handmade contemporary earrings made from silver 925 karat. Light, sparkly, very feminine! These cool earrings are a warm weather delight you are sure to enjoy all the year, not only for a breezy summer night.

She then returned me with her buying interest on mode
ls GARCIA(a) and SEVILLE(d). Now you see the close-ups what she bought:

sold at US$ 40

sold at US$ 35

These are what you missed out. Please do not ask the same models (above) because both are out of stock!

But I have two more models ON SALE, (b)CAMELLIA and (c)DIVA, which are one-of-a-kind earrings with 'rain drops' for drop jewelery lovers,
for silver lovers and especially quality lovers:

Camellia - Price: $40

Diva - Price: $45

I hope you have a great weekend to look forward to, and that you can start it today like me:) It feels like summer out here in Istanbul, super warm, ~22-24C (71-75F)!!! Warm weather, early arriving summer, the weekend, selling,.... Yay!

ps- for further lovely series of earrings and necklaces please e-mail me at welcometocrossroads {at} Thanks so much for your interest as usual!


  1. Nihal, these are pretty earrings. Beautiful also the Camellia and Diva models. I find them very well designed and detailed.
    The visit of Pope Benedict is a marvellous event indeed: it's my first time to see the Pope, but I think it will be difficult to take photos because of the crowd. Moreover, my camera doesn't have a powerful zoom (just 3x).
    Have a pleasant and enjoyable Sunday!

  2. I didn't know you had a lovely shop online , great.
    I'm thinking about it for next gifts.

  3. @ Mél: Very secret part of my little blog:) Yes you are always WELCOME for your shopping with me. Oh and meanwhile, there are still more items 'gorgeous' that I did not list so far! Please contact with me for a complete product list, I'd love to help you every time:)