Thursday, April 22, 2010


It is been only a few days since I escaped with a desire. I grabbed my adidas, sweat suit and camera. I found myself walking fast to Fenerbah├že seaside lane just only 10 minutes from me, on the Asian side. I have written about it before: Run, Run, Run

Final names check one by one at the desk. Wearing our Run For Water t-shirts. Some basic warming up before start.
Together with a big group as follows, I attended the 6km running and walking dedicated for life's mother: Water (Turkish: SU)

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Pics taken during my walking. It was not kind of my liking sunny day, terribly cloudy and gray. Luckily it did not rain. The lane where I often go for jogging, too. I could not manage to run because I was done in a hasty to be able to take photos for this article:) As planned, we all walked to the water past Sunday, Apr 18th, our running ended within 1-hour, at 11AM. However I was perfectly ready to run all day long, and I was not satisfied with this short-time running.

We can live without those.. tree, money, a piece of bread, internet, even no love... But we can not live without SU!

Bottled water is safer and cleaner than tap water not to me, but most of us Istanbulites. F
or the last 5 or 6 years, we left drinking tap water. Not clean the drinking water in Istanbul, and we have to pay for clean water. I think sales of bottled water in this city have increased seriously in recent years.

Tell me how do you drink water, bottled or tap?


  1. Beautiful description of your walk, Nihal. Fascinating that cloudy sky, maybe it was a bit windy too.
    About water, I always drink bottled water, and I like very much sparkling water!
    Have a nice evening :-)

  2. The weather doesn't look nice but the sun will come back. We drink water from the tap, I guess there are places where it's better to drink a bottle.

  3. Pope Benedict will come to Turin on May 2 for the visit to the Holy Shroud. It's really a great event for me.
    Happy weekend :-)

  4. Beautiful pictures even if it was a bit cloudy. :-) As for the husband drinks only bottled water but I drink both....bottled water and from the tap. We are fortunate to have safe drinking water here so I wouldn't use bottled water if it were me. It's an expense that I feel isn't necessary.