Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Island I Mountain I Glacier

A country. An island country. Have never been to. Not thought to take a flight and visit. All I know about is its geographical mapping and the capital Reykjavik from my elementary school years. I do not know who is managing this island. In short, I have never been interested in learning more about it even googling. Never.

Ash fallout on a car in Iceland, April 21 2010
photo via milliyet

For over one week I am bedding and getting up with the ashes! Brought to my mind what we did to annoy Mother Nature???

On the other hand, I've learned a new word this week.

"Eyjafjallajökull". The name of this volcano is compound word, of three words: island (eyja)+mountain(fjalla)+glacier(jökull). Oh my, a word of 16 letters in total! Number of consonant letter is 11. I am curious who named it in which state of mind;)

Me, myself, being a multi-language speaker I still have difficulties to pronounce the name of very famous volcano on earth! I suspect it is going to take me a lifetime to try but I'm good with that:) Have you ever tried yourself?

Thanks to Icelandic nation, a very interesting word and good effort;)
My first step into icy culture just started.


  1. What an amazing photo you found Nihal

  2. I think i will never be able to speak Icelandic. I already have enough trouble with German, LOL.

    The amazing force of nature has surprised us these last weeks. The other side is the chaos at the airports. Thank God, it's almost solved.