Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Light Breeze

I always get great delight in reading Rumi's poems. Simply he speaks to the everyday experience. Brings love to the passion but not humanly love; the divine love, the spiritual love, love to God, to things created by God he is talking about!

Join me now, lets read one of his poems, Light Breeze, so begin to look at world with a different eye, drink the spiritual wine...

As regards feeling pain, like a hand cut in battle,
consider the body a robe

you wear. When you meet someone you love, do you kiss their clothes? Search out.

who's inside. Union with God is sweeter than body comforts.

We have hands and feet

different from these. Sometimes in dream we see them.
That is not

illusion. It's seeing truly. You do have a spirit body;
don't dread leaving the

physical one. Sometimes someone feels this truth so strongly
that he or she can live in

mountain solitude totally refreshed. The worried, heroic
doings of men and women seem weary

and futile to dervishes enjoying the light breeze of spirit.

from Soul of
great Spiritual Master and Poet

Rumi (1207 - 1273)

When we seek to free ourselves from human vices and weaknesses in order to acquire angelic qualities and conduct pleasing to God, sufism is the path and followed by Rumi's followers, sufis as we call, to reach the truth-God. Usually we refer this term "being a dervish" as its practical aspect in our life.

So w
e achieve our goal by living "like a dervish" in accordance with the requirements of God's love and knowledge and in the resulting spiritual delights that ensue. If you would like to have the cute whirling dervish icon, NEW dervish necklaces are ON SALE, as scheduled and written on my previous post here (Only Breath)

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