Friday, May 21, 2010

King Night I Show I Red Carpet

Not only did the guy take home his award of the night for... the dresses, accessories, gowns were great, too! For a little inspiration check out now:

The fairest and objective annual Turkish music awards ceremony! Winners for the 16th edition of Kral TV (English: King TV) were announced on May 18th night, and given to the best composers and singers in the country. The gorgeous dresses worn by the celebrities and stars give us big hints as to what the forthcoming fashion trends will be for the next season. Now most of our fashion magazines and the newspapers enjoy running best and worst of the dresses, most loved and most hated who worn.

Very frustrating Red Carpet talks in my opinion..

photo courtesy of hürriyet


  1. I love that gold dress in the second to last picture. Stunning! Check out my blog today. I'm sharing a quilt you've already seen on my blog but gave a little more of it's background. And this post has finally made me get out my box of pictures from our trip to Turkey. Will post some in the coming week. :-)

  2. Dear Nihal clothes so pretty,but I cant say same wörds clothes in(its only coke)everything perfect.Best regards,stay well.