Sunday, May 23, 2010

we could be the maNga

And I feel I'm turning the page,
And I feel the world is a stage,
I don't think that drama will stop,
I don't think they'll give up the rage
But I know the world could be great
I can love you more than they hate
Doesn't matter who they will blame
We can beat them at their own game.

No matter what they say,

After our winning the 4th place in the Song Contest last year 2009 in Moscow with Hadise's up tempo song Düm Tek Tek getting 177 points; now we are going to Oslo for an upbeat news of 2010. With maNga.

maNga, the Turkish rock band and one of my most favorites, will be representing us at the 55th Eurovision. The song has a very strong "power" in it with the message given. Did you, could you, would you feel it?

We all could be a very good manga about being the rarest good in this pathetic world and imagine yourself awakening.
I believe in maNga's "power"ful song. They are great, the song is awesome, both of them rocks!

Your voting would be highly appreciated! Read how to vote for maNga here

Pls note:
May 25
, tuesday~ semi-final 1
May 27, thursday~ semi-final 2
May 29, saturday~ final

Oh my, I will relinquish all what makes me busy along this week!
Go maNga go!!!


  1. Good Song! Did you know I participate in a weekly Sunday Song?
    Maybe you would like to join in this week? If you visit my post it links to the Sunday Song. If you do do tell Natasha that I sent you over:)

  2. Nice music!
    Does the group name "maNga" come from Manga(漫画)?

  3. @ Linda: Thanks for the SS event, no I didn't know if you are in there. I'll have to check it out:)

    @ Nobu-san: Yes, group name maNga comes from the comics (コミック) originally specifically published in Japan, from Manga(漫画).

  4. Great song and words! Thanks, Nihal!

  5. Good luck with your competition...Thomas

  6. Nice song, I wish your country good luck.

  7. Nice words indeed, Nihal. I can't watch the video, perhaps because of my slow connection (only a black square is displayed). I wish you good luck for your competition and a happy new week :-)

  8. Wow! Those words are magical!!!

  9. @ Thomas: Welcome to CR, and thanks for your nice comment:)

    ~THANK YOU ALL for your wishes. Maybe you know, maNga is qualified for Grand Final competition after semi-final2 on may 27. I'm so happy with the result maNga got. Tonight our hearts will be fast beating, pls continue to send us yr more wishes:)