Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Inside or Outside?

There are a couple of important reasons why outside is significant:

  • An Indian passenger plane from Dubai crashed in southern India: 158 dead
  • Bus carrying Russian tourists skidded off a highway in the mediterranean region, near Antalya, fell off a bridge: 26 injured, 16 dead (TR)
  • The second day strike disrupted British Airways flights, mainly at London's Heathrow Airport.
  • Gas explosion at a mine in northern Zonguldak: 28 miners killed (TR)
  • Euro declines due to the weakness in the Spanish banking system.
  • Military tension in the Korean peninsula! War signals??
  • Korea tension sent the stocks down while Turkish Lira lost more ground against the US$ (TR)
  • Slump in confidence in the money markets, especially in euro, hurts the global markets. Buying gold is faster each new day.
  • The damage is worsening, oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico can not be stopped. Ultimately responsible BP (UK) for a very serious environmental catastrophe!!!
  • The fire on the other shore? Exports collapsed and global turndown hit the Japanese economy. Japan, can it be the address of next economical crisis?

All of this financial uncertainties, our psychological condition trembling is forcing me, it seems, outside.

After a few minutes walk from my home, coming in the park was not only spectacular but made for a much more wish "live outside, eat outside, sleep outside." Climbing up trees, decorating houses and dropping across entrances, I found huge clusters look like grapes in the kidscorner. In its full glory! Please klik klik to enlarge my photos above.

"Spring spirit" of Istanbul in May is a great opportunity for sore eyes! Colorful tulips, pinkish purple judas trees, and now bluish purple wisterias are heralding the transition of spring to summer here. Despite the turndown in we-conomy, I wanted to share my floral enthusiasm.

Inside or outside? Did you receive any happy news? How do you do not mind the global happenings? Or, not important for you? Join the discussion:)


  1. Konnichiwa Nihal-san.
    Recently I hear so many bad news.
    But flowers always make my mind peaceful.

    By the way, that park is so lovely.
    I think it is a wonderful place.

  2. Uncertain times maybe better not look to all bad news, to be outside and enjoy is still the same.

  3. The world seems a very unstable and sad one at this time, but spending time with nature helps one forget sadness even just for a few minutes.

  4. There is much too worry about, Nihal, but I believe that there was always much to worry about in our world. It's just that in our day and age, news is immediate and so the pain is more immediate. Years ago, news traveled more slowly and thus bad news was dulled by time. Yes, a walk outside can clear the mind for their is much beauty to see outdoors. It's is almost 3:00 a.m. here so I don't think I'll be walking outdoors. I couldn't sleep because of itching rash caused by allergic reaction to an antibiotic. I decided I would get up and come to the computer to see if I could get my mind off the itching and I did! I shared photos on my blog of me riding a camel in a village just north of Antalya. :-)

  5. I agree, too many bad news in the world, Nihal.
    In Italy (and in Europe as well) the Stock Exchange has crashed in these days!
    Beautiful set of pictures!
    Have a nice evening :-)

  6. I think we should enjoy whatever we can and try not to worry about the many things that we have no control over.

  7. I like to stay informed, but I get most of my news via the web. I don't really care for watching news on the television.

    I saw wisteria for the first time twenty years ago, and I have loved it ever since.

  8. @ Dot: Thanks for your kind comment, and welcome to my page:) Yes, maybe we can not control some happenings outside ourselves, but they are the important things that keep me always alert and awake.