Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Forgotten Flower?

In the beginning the tree was giving white flowers. But its flowers turned into darkpinkish-purple because of the shame that the tree felt for Judas hanging himself on a Judas tree after betraying Christ. These days we are living the most beautiful days of spring... T u l i p, and now the stunning days of the Byzantine royalty's flower, redbud or erguvan as we call, (known also Judas tree)...

Only members of royal families in the Roman and Byzantine Empires wore clothes in the colour of this flower, darkpinkish-purple. And, historical resources say that heirs of Byzantine Empire were all born in a room which was coloured as such because of a belief that the Byzantine Empire (Constantinople) was founded on the toDAY (May 11th, 300) when the Judas tree bloomed.

Have been thinking... redbud is a special flower that it deserves to celebrate like our tulips! I love the magnificent view of redbud especially in the hills of Bosphorus.
Like our Int'l Istanbul Tulip Festival to be held in every April, one big celebration in every May is needed for it. It is one of our most important symbols, our primary flower, but unfortunately forgotten, bashful decoration in Istanbul's spring! I can not refuse, Istanbul is special city of two flowers, first judas tree and then tulip, with one unique colour of judas tree.

We should. We should start celebrating.


  1. we had a Judas tree at our last house and I want to plant one here also, as I love the rich colour of the flowers. It was interesting to read of the history of this tree in your country.

  2. Your photography is continually stunning. The photos of the Judas tree are lovely and I enjoyed reading the story of the tree's history. Yes, I think it is worthy of celebration!

  3. I agree that it should be celebrated.

    Thank you for sharing this story of the Judas tree. It was fascinating.

    I hope you are well. I am so very crazy busy, and I have missed being able to visit.

  4. Nihal, thanks for this story of the Judas tree, so beautiful all the photos. Those fresh green leaves in the third picture are really charming.
    Have a nice Wednesday!

  5. Definately pretty and needs to be celebrated. I love the seed pods as well as the flowers.


  6. I like the color and story. They are here also but I guess they belong in the Mediterranean area. Good macro's.