Sunday, May 09, 2010

My Favorite Mix

A beautiful day of places, cultures and people.

Turkey moved in California! Orange County Great Park, Irvine, in the south of Los Angeles. The biggest festival abroad on Discovering Turkey, since 2009.

Our EU membership goal and commemorative festivities in Ankara on the celebration of peace and unity of EU day!
Read more about Europe Day

Oh, world-wide about moms...!

Quite a day, choice is yours;)


  1. It would be great to visit the Turkish Food Festival in Los Angeles.....but if I had a choice.....I would visit the real Turkey and it's culture. :-) Have a lovely day!

  2. Hello Nihal! It's a nice mix, I agree. The images are so pleasant, I notice that happy cup of coffee!
    I have been a bit busy this week. Sunday was an important day with the Pope in Turin, but the whole town center was very very crowded and unfortunately, with my great disappointment, I couldn't see the Pope. Of course I followed the visit in the evening on the tv news, but of course it's not the same thing.
    About the ashes back again, now the air spaces have been reopened. Answering your question, I must say I don't feel any difference when breathing/viewing around.
    Happy new week!

  3. I know, there are 2 of course... I write too fast

  4. for presentation our country,in my opınion likethis events very important and necessary .Have a nice days.

  5. Merhaba Nihal,I love Turkish coffee!