Friday, May 07, 2010

One Thousand In 29

I am just in the middle of saying something, a kind of "I can't believe it!" and "I've really accomplished!"...

Friday to Friday, from Apr 9th to May 7th (today), only 29 days.

It took less than one month for 2 days. Completed successfully my Senbazuru project, folding cranes for cranes. Traditionally it tells you to make origami cranes in one year. I'm naturally quick-moving, impatient and going fast one, so it happened in a short time than expected. In other words, deadlines never work for me:)

Wishing many more things. It is not a peaceful world! It is not a world as I want it to be. And, wishes for my life of course...

Now I am really impatient to see the results:)


  1. Oh my, I can't believe you did it, lol.
    It's wonderful to see so many together, great work.

  2. superbly accomplished:) wish with all my heart for peace - within ourselves too.

  3. I am impressed, they look brilliant.

  4. Oh, my goodness!! I can't believe you made so many cranes in so little time. If you could do that, then there is hope for a more peaceful world, don't you think?!!

  5. Fantastic work . It looks very amazing. Hope you are doing well

  6. What a fabulous work, Nihal. It's so nice to see these pictures of all your multicolour cranes together. This is a symbolic (and concrete at the same time) action for a more (or rather, completely) peaceful world.
    Have a beautiful day :-)