Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Kiss and Give

A bunch of flowers, dinner at a French restaurant, a dress from Burberry, Yves Saint Lauren perfume, silk scarf,... Give up these classical ways to make Her happy! They are very old fashioned methods, and do not enough to make Her feel Special. A thing that lasts forever and gets value by the time would be great.

Here are a few items to make Her the happiest one on Her Day, 'of Mothers'. You can also think it for your grandma, auntie, special one. Completely made in the hands of talented Turkish artists with love and patience. Put their hearts firstly before starting. Long hours past upon each one. Used silver. Designed unique. And, not to be found in anywhere else! Stitched, stitched, stitched to create the best pieces traditionally from unique Turkish art ( telkari :: filigree )

#1) unit price: $70

#2) unit price: $45

#3) unit price: $50

#4) unit price: $55

If a jewelry is not the mirror of the culture, how to tell it is an antique? Sure, it can not be told, however we know it only wears out. Be the owner of those lovely pieces 'antique' called, or gift to your most loved one on Her Special Day! I know you will.. she will.. everyone love to die:)

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