Sunday, May 02, 2010

Best Cook

is the one who cooks rice very good. What a mess, its coming to our tables from field. Time and patience required, seriously! The village women in Eskişehir, northern part of the country, into sorting and desteming rice:

(Photo by Faruk Akbaş, Turkish photographer, click for a larger view)

Is there something you look for on the internet, but you can not find? I would appreciate if you let me hear yours 'in one word', please...

ps- I will of course share my thought right here, sometime next week:)

Edited to add (05/15):
To me, Peace. I look for it on the internet but I can't find though. Thanks a lot for sharing your unfound things on the net.


  1. An interesting question.....I am usually able to find info on anything I can imagine here on the Internet. I thought hard .... what can't I find on the Internet? I cannot find "more time". :-) In a magic world, that is the thing I would conjure up.....extra time! :-)

  2. Hear hear, more time :)

    Interesting photo Nihal of the rice sorting.

  3. That's an interesting image.
    What I can't find in the internet is the sale of my Sony computer model which is of 2 years ago, works very well and has a design and a screen size unobtainable in nowadays models.
    Happy week, Nihal :-)