Friday, April 30, 2010

On A Bustling Movie Set: April


Celebration of togetherness, we as the human. Entrance of Dutch Chapel in Beyoğlu situated on the European side. One of the oldest churches in town. Opposite the church is the Dutch Consulate.

Culturally enjoying the unique people of both nations, Turkish (left: nefise karatay) and Japanese (right) in the japan year activities.

Peace forever (Yeni Mosque, Istanbul)

Hearty welcome for the month of fire flower, lale (English: Tulip)

Vital running around the globe. For water!

Happy twist dance! Sold 2 pairs of filigree (Turkish: Telkari) earrings, handmade and one-of-a-kind. e-mail me for shopping and other models.

Hope for divine love (Blue Mosque, Istanbul)

New stiletto heel in the Bosphorus strait as beautiful as Turkish woman (Image: Melike Öcalan). Bridge construction, third one, soon to be built.

Oh my, happy tango! Called 'Rose', this handmade, one-of-a-kind filigree (Turkish: Telkari) necklace sold yesterday at price:$40, a young Istanbulian boy bought it. Please DO NOT ask the same model, because it is now out of stock. Within the month, 3-items were successfully sold, wow. e-mail me for shopping and other models.

For the last one year, I was waiting for her coming to Istanbul, impatiently, excitedly.. Finally early this morning, we met up for a breakfast at her staying hotel, Conrad Istanbul in Beşiktaş, European side. Above, frontside of the hotel, I captured today. Still yellow tulips on the left amaze us. I like Conrad because of offering stunning views of the city in the Bosphorus from the roof terrace, something like from paradise!

We, I and Kim (her gift above), talked, laughed, enjoyed, and shared many things from our zones. Just together. Just like two sisters:) She flied to Paris in the afternoon. She and her group, coming from different states in the US, already traveled in many places throughout my country; Istanbul in north to Antalya in south, from Cappadocia in east to Ephesus in west. Oh, a little Seattle (USA) weather covered Istanbul, what a wonderful day to end up my April:)

How was your month in a few words? Mine was vivace!


  1. I'm wondering where do you find so much time and energ?Thank you for nice sharing and important knowladge,bestw wishes and regards.Have a good weekend.

  2. My month was busy, busy and oh, so much fun!! How wonderful to meet your friend, Kim!! Perhaps one day you will travel to Seattle and you could stop over in Minneapolis on your way their! :-) Not a long drive to the airport for us. Happy news for you on the sale of your jewelry. It is lovely!
    Lots of flowers on my blog today. Come by for a peek. :-)

  3. Nihal, a very enjoyable article here. Significant the idea of the unique people of both nations, Turkish and Japanese.
    I always find so nice your filigree earrings, beautiful the necklace too.
    My April was not special... :-)
    Happy Sunday!

  4. @ IU: Hah funny! It's the same I often ask myself:) Going slow and being patient, are not the things I can. So, I am hyper, I know, I accept:)

    @ Sandi: Oh such darling you are, thanks for your kind invitation. One day in MN, hopefully.. let me see.