Friday, May 28, 2010

Tall in Historical Seas

one by one, lovers hand to hand, in groups, with their kids, with families;

locals, tourists, businessmen and women, office workers, school kids, naval academy students, so many, so varied people,
even disabled ones;

from different geographies, from Istanbul, from different parts of the country..

"klik klik to enlarge my photos"

coming to see
the impressive spectacle,

in the historic centre of the city from a historic point of view,

created by eight tall, large, noble ships from..

GERMAN Alexander von Humboldt



POLISH Dar Mlodziezy

OMANI Shabab Oman


BRITISH Tenacious


the civilizations like Mycenaean, Trojan, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman.. the events like conquest of Istanbul in 29th May 1453, Gallipoli.. have happened in historical seas from Volos (of Greece) to Varna (of Bulgaria), Istanbul to Lavrion (of Greece);

and wonderfully experiencing
sailing, love of sea, meet up different cultures and people, spirit of adventure!

I knew nothing could stop me if it is all about sea and sailing. Quickly found myself in the seaside because of my deep sailing passion. For more spectacular scenes, follow me I will be on board at Regatta until the Tall Ships leave off Istanbul on May 30, 2010, Sunday:)

Do not you want to learn more about?
Historical Seas Tall Ships 2010 May 27-30, 2010

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  1. This is a very informative article, Nihal. Wonderful the photos: the visitors, those impressive ships, the blue sky, the splendid sea in the sunshine, all is so beautiful! Surely, I'll follow you on board at Regatta on May 30!
    Hot weather (too hot for me!) here as well.
    Have a pleasant Sunday :-)