Saturday, May 29, 2010

Noble in Historical Seas

You can enjoy yourself spending too much. Welcome onboard. Here are seven graceful crafts, Tall and Noble Ships in Historical Seas "Soylu Boylu Yelkenliler Türkiye'de":

built in 1906

She is ALEX, as called by her so sweet and sympathetic crew. Designed by German Shipyard AG Weser in Bremen. Retired in 1986. Serves as sailing training ship. In 20 years, she traveled over 300,000 nautical miles (=560,000 km). Be reminded, 20 years = 14 times around the equator! In summer she likes to sail in North and Baltic Seas, and the Canary Islands in North Atlantic Ocean in winter.


built in 1932

She is DEWARUCI. A ship owned and operated by Indonesian Navy. Because of the outbreak of World War II, her shipyard was heavily damaged, then construction was finally completed in 1952. The largest tall ship in the Indonesian fleet. Also serves as a goodwill ambassador to the rest of the world. I am amazed by the wooden carvings and decorations inside, carvings giving a home warmth rather than sailing. Cultural textures, winds of Asian affects on her body... but my eyes did not want to believe and accept heavy wood as much that. Honestly I'm for classic white pearls on sea, no brown please:)


built in 1971

She is Sultanate's maritime ambassador and Arab world's only tall ship, SHABAB OMAN. Born in Scotland. Made from solid oak and an assortment of other fine Scottish timber. Pride of Oman's Navy is completed 20 yrs of service in the Royal Navy of Oman. It's ranked among the world's tallest ships today. Did you kno
w this girl is the only Arab sailing ship to take part in such tall ship races?


built in 1984

She is barquentine KALIAKRA. Born at the Gdansk Shipyard after the plans of Polish technical designer Zygmunt Chorén. Beautiful Bulgarian sailed the Atlantic Ocean twice and finished third out of 143 ships. Onboard she welcome some VIP's like King Juan Carlos of Spain, Crown Prince Haakon of Norway, many other distinguished personalities, and "me" too:) Wow!


built in 1987

She is MIR. Her name has so lovely meaning in her language Russian: peace or world. Born at the Lenin Shipyard in Gdansk, Poland. This three masted, full-rigged ship based in St Petersburg. In the Grand Regatta Colombus -1992, celebrating the discovery of America by Christopher Colombus in 1492, the Mir came out as the absolute winner. Her sister ships are five: Druzba, Pallada, Khersones, Nadezhda and Dar Mlodziezy. Two sisters, Mir and her sister Dar Mlodziezy (of Poland) together being in Bosphorus Strait:) You can remember her here


built in 1996

She is SV TENACIOUS. The three masted barque gone to her first voyage in 2000. The largest wooden tall ship still afloat! Largest of her kind built in UK in the last 100 years! And, what a perfect mission: designed to accomodate the disabled people; thanks to the UK for this one of a kind aim to think those not to-move-able easily but passionate about sailing.


built in 2001

She is BODRUM, oh ours. The youngest, most beautiful Turkish girl among her friends:) Born in Bodrum on southern coast of the country. Her length is 35m and in Class B.


I wish I worked there!

¨My photos are klikable for bigger views.


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  4. What an array of magnificent and regal ships - from the ancient to the modern. Ships are always so exciting.The pics are awesome.