Sunday, May 30, 2010

Power of Posture in Historical Seas

Surprisingly I was firstly meeting some nationalities in my life, like Indonesia and Oman. Was so colorful and fun days over my expectations. After seeing ships, now meet some of the cabin crew whom I enjoyed talking with during my visit. In the meantime, number of the total crew for all of the ships was around 800!

+ German:

Summer sun is burning! Cold beers at hand under wonderfully super warm, warm, warm Istanbul. Easy to understand they are german:) Girls were really warmhearted, that we had a long funny conversation!

+ Omani:

With the traditional hats, Omani young sailor. I noticed they were so sincere talking to Turkish visitors and especially the kids.

+ Russian:

Tanning and surfing the net on a sail? Who would not like to have it:) I enjoyed very much what I saw: hardworking crew;)

+ Indonesian:

Their communication was great and sweet -like Omanis. Noticed their easygoing and talkative way of being!

+ British:

Found their presentations very impressive. Highly disciplined, serious minded crew and rules in lead before visiting the ship! There was more information but no laughing or jokes in the air:)

As you know..

First leg of the race in historical seas started from the port of Volos in Greece on May 8.

The second leg of the race started in the Black Sea, and stopped to cross the Bosphorus Strait on May 26. Next day on May 27 tall ships arrived in Istanbul

4-days celebrations continued, and today is the day of ships leaving th
e European Capital of Culture 2010, Istanbul, starting the third leg of the race.

Now the ships are fleet cruising, and racing to Lavrion in Greece where the race will end on Jun 7th, prize giving will be held for the Historical Seas Race on a sailing mission of "peace and friendship".
Surely, you will be missed Alex, Mir, Shabab, Kaliakra, Dar, Tenacious, Dewaruci and Bodrum! Come again, come.

I think all of eight ships should be awarded! I think everyone who is not into sailing should like it, getting a start-up pronto!

I love sailing,
there is too much in sailing
from sharing to many more,
the real life itself.

And, you too,
make sailing posts!
Do not forget to call me
as I'd love to read
your sailing stories:)


  1. Wonderful description of the amazing event, with a lot of thrilling images. Thanks for sharing, Nihal.
    Happy new week :-)

  2. Interesting to see the different nationalities. The Germans look like Dutch, the others are really recognizably different!

  3. You had a wonderful day!

  4. Meeting people from so many other countries can be so exciting. Looks like you had a wonderful experience. And the pics are terrific !


  5. Looks like you had lots of fun, A gathering of people from diverse nationalities should be pretty interesting...Thomas