Thursday, June 03, 2010

All Originality Lost

Eight reasons why I dislike Eurovision song contest:

ONE: Politically motivated voting! The most political results ever was seen in this year's 55th Eurovision Song Contest.
Remember, in particular Germany.

TWO: Started fairly common: bloc voting! Again this year was no exception. Former Soviet bloc countries supporting each other as well as Balkan countries.

THREE: If your country is in economical crisis or simply need money, then go to participate in Eurovision! Your friends will help you. Absolutely!

FOUR: She could be a winner of Junior Eurovision Song Contest!
Remember Germany. The 19 year-old Lena won.

FIVE: Why can't you be yourself?
Remember Germany. Their song written by american musicians, Julie Frost and John Gordon.

SIX: Don't re-boil the old soup! Be creative.
Remember Germany. Won with the same formula after 28-years:
1982~ Ein Bisschen Frieden by Nicole, age: 17
2010~ Satellite by Lena, age: 19

SEVEN: Be original!
Remember Denmark? Abba-smelling song.
Remember Moldova? A good reminder of Madonna style and music.
Remember France? Joined in with Club Med animation group:)

EIGHT: Be clear!
Remember Armenia's song "Apricot Stone".
A few lines from their song:
"Momma gave me apricots/ Kisses of the Earth/ Fruits of the sun/ Apricot Stone/ Hidden in my hand/ Given back to me/ From the motherland.. .. .."
May I ask, where's the motherland? Does Armenia want to say something? I am not sure what is meant.

maNga's singer Ferman and
Nathalie, British dancer taking part in the show

Belgium won the first semi-final on May 25. Our rock band, maNga won the second semi-final on May 27. As for grand Final, following Germany's winning, Turkey came second, and Romania as third. Our competing song, listen right here "We could be the same", was written and composed by the group's lead singer, Ferman Akgül. Not an imported song.

We went there to be winner. We wanted to give an important message to the world with our song. We knew we are different. We knew our song is about "peace and love" that the world is really hungry for. But as always politics won, again.

Congratulations maNga even though the blockages and unfair results.


  1. I do not enjoy Eurovision either. I also heard from a friend that the UK subsides the event every year to ensure they reach the final!! Doesn't do much good though does it they were still last.

  2. Good grief! Politics are everywhere. Sorry to hear that.


  3. Everything wrong with Europe as a union is right there on Eurovision every year. And look at the results. Rarely.. ok NEVER does the best song win. I was pleasantly surprised by the Turkish entry this year. It had energy without being "cheesy" or Celine Dion-ish.
    And what on earth is Israel or Armenia doing in a European contest?

  4. Nihal, the same thing for the Festival di Sanremo, television votings are always disappointing.
    Have a great weekend :-)

  5. @ Joe: Very nice comment, open and direct. Tks! Well, what it could be said? Of course politically. They both are really good mixer countries on the earth;) From next year, name of contest could be changed to be "Worldvision". Why Uruguay, Lebanon, Japan,.. not participating? As clear as it can be, no continent no limit.