Saturday, June 26, 2010


I think Japan is not alone;) Ah, 梅雨 "rainy season" is upon us too! From last weekend it kept raining with no breaks! Our African warm weather succumbed to the heavy rain showing sharp fluctuation in the degrees, again to be very cold, 15-16 celsius measured! The sky showered raindrops to soften the darkness and removed the dust, gave place to a clear dawn this morning, a reminder of how much better it feels to face this weather with our umbrellas, flimsy or sturdy one:)

I like raindrops very much. Big fun to notice those mini worlds with my camera. There are little worlds in them if I closely look. When capturing them, I was thinking what does it mean to be a connection? Success? For some people it means that we blow air kisses, for others it is an oath, for some there are no standards.

Is your team at work, or let's say your company, a "wine glass-shaped culture" or "umbrella"? Are drop-by-drop differences considered obstacles or opportunities to your long-term success? I'd love to hear how you are approaching this subject:)

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ave a look at DiCesare Designs, you'll see how art and engineering come together creating shell-inspired innovative and fanciful parashells and umbrellas! Unseen beauty and delicacy before... all by Canada-born, Tokyo based John Di Cesare. I fell in love those two: parashell Flamenco and Kyoto Sakura


  1. Hi Nihal! The flowers with the drops in your very beautiful photos describe so well the charming atmosphere of the rainy day.
    I like japanese ideograms, they are so nice! Each ideogram is a word or each ideogram is just a letter of the word? And tell me, please: how do you manage to write ideograms with the computer? Do you have a special keyboard with the ideograms or you take them from a "map" which is a software utility? Thanks very much if you can answer these questions.

    Have a pleasant Saturday evening :-)

  2. Wine glass or umbrella, no idea I do not work. The raindrop flower photos are exquisite.

  3. Raindrop on flower...
    Beautiful and atmospheric photos!



  4. You captured those raindrops so beautifully. I love how clean the air smells after a summer storm.


  5. Forgive me if the translation was not perfect but your photos are beautiful.

  6. Beautiful macro images of flowers and dew drops, gorgeous...Thomas

  7. @ Pietro: One of the first thing is to learn the concept of stroke order. The one and only correct way of writing "kanji" characters is behind it as well as the main rules.

    They are both of them: the Chinese characters (or letters) and their Japanese deviations, called as Kanji. Some of them combines often incredible amount of strokes involved, some very easy. For example:
    雨 -> ame (rain); 8-strokes; can you see the little drops on a window in this character?
    川 -> kawa (river); 3-strokes; doesn't it look like branches of a river?

    Very easy examples about Japanese calligraphy, as we call 書道 (Shodō); really an art, I love it:) Maybe oneday I can publish a post with my (japanese handwriting)..

    Did you know Shodō was practiced for centuries in Japan! You may not believe it at first, but if you try writing the same kanji with different stroke orders with your handwriting, then you’ll see the difference:)

    Actually there's more and more to tell about japanese but its not the right place here. Yes, I use a special keyboard. I'd advise you:

    I think you can install japanese into your pc. Wondering if you have ever studied japanese?

    @ Nobuさん: そう言って下さってとても有り難いです。いいえ、そうジャなくて、日本にいるときに会社員てした。私はココで日本領事館のクラスを続けて一生懸命日本語が勉強しました。

    @ Morris: No tears, because when one wants to use google translation provides 'low' and 'incorrect' quality from foreign languages to turkish, not only italian to turkish. The service really needs to be improved. Let's forgive Google:)

  8. Hi Nihal! You are so kind, thanks for the excellent concepts about the ideograms. It's true, there is very much to tell about Japanese language and surely "blog to blog" is not the right place. I'll try with pleasure the interesting link you've given me for the keyboard. The ideograms are really amazing: very small and at the same time very detailed and harmonious; they are art indeed.
    I imagine that the the two ideograms at the beginning of your post (rainy season) are: 1 = season, 2 = rainy. Of course for the time being it's an enigma for me both what Nobu writes and your answer to him!
    Have a very beautiful week :-)

  9. How wonderful flower Greetings from Creativity and imagination pictures of José Ramón

  10. @ José: Thanks for your kind note, come again:)