Wednesday, June 23, 2010

LOVE Your Heart

The weekend I took a walk around my house. Walked around the park and seaside thinking my summer (vacation), travel, pets, work, life, security, art, design, live concerts, and work again. I felt like I exercised my brain. Starting from home to out, it is marvelous living here in the greener part of the town. Being a good time-planner, I also saved some time to her, and participated for my friend's happiest day. Those Red&Green (kırmızı&yeşil) postcards are the views I enjoyed very much:

*please klik klik for bigger sizes*

A big slice of water melon together with a piece of white cheese. My preferred summer dish, the most!

At 1300th meters of my jogging, I come across this sign: (turkish) Kalbini SEV = LOVE your heart, care about your heart! Because the most valuable thing you have is it: your heart.

Oh my, this darling always greets me when I pass him up;) Originally from tropical America, that kind of parrot is called "macaw". Very friendly and clever! He is on sale in a petshop, just close to Mercedes Benz dealer in Göztepe located on the Bagdat Ave. In fact, I never want my mascot to find a home...

From my friend's henna party... her hands are being packed with small red bags filled henna, while making happiness wishes and prayers. Bags not to open until the next morning.

What a wonderful perennial symbol of love! I bought a pot of sweetbasil for home... smells perfect when I press gently the leaves.

Nothing can be replaced for the love of freedom and feeling secure at home.

Golden days! Fresh and cheap prices. One example, tomato (turkish: domates) is 750 kuruş/kg, $0.47 per kilo. How much do you pay for it?

Happy beginning for my friend. "Evleniyoruz", meaning "Married":)


  1. I made a wonderful tomato salad last night, chopped fresh tomatoes with some boiled shredded chicken, mixed with a little boiled spaghetti, drizzle a bit of olive oil and squirt of lemon and chill for an hour. So delicious and healthy and best of all, a cool dinner in summer.

  2. 素晴らしい週末をお過ごしでしたね。


  3. What a wonderful series of photos!!

    Thank you a lot or your visit and for your lovely comment!

    "see" you soon!


  4. Thank You :)
    You have a nice blog too :)
    Have a nice evening

  5. Beautiful post, so many lovely photos.
    I love that big red parrot, I would like to have one too.

  6. Simpatiche le foto. Ti auguro un buon giorno come tu vuoi.

  7. I usually have my first taste of watermelon on a 4th of July picnic.

    The boquet on the car is pretty, Best Wishes to your friends.


  8. I just looked at vine-ripened tomatoes here, and they are $2.49 pound. Too much! And, a personal size watermelon is $4.00. Whoa!

    We always have watermelon on our Fourth of July, but I am hoping they will go on sale.

  9. Love your red touch pictures. The henna parties are always so fantastic