Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Una Notte A Napoli

The voice immortalised for all time, the best in the evening times, the biggest tenor of all time, very the best when my mood is down, and not feeling pink. Bomb attacks, terror attacks, almost every day nowadays. This morning we woke up for a new attack happened in Istanbul! In a military shuttle, four soldiers and a teenage daughter of a soldier, killing five. Big cities are clearly on target now! Which countries are behind the heavily increased attacks by terrorist groups on Turkey? Read the rest of news here and the Letter from Istanbul, part 2 here

I want to ask with his lyrics..

Quanto tempo puo durare? / quanto notti da sognare / quante ore, quante giorni?

I can't find out answers for "why we are the target",
and understand the bad situation here,
but I prefer to lis
tening "Una Notte a Napoli"
from Enrico Caruso,

all night long closing my eyes down...


  1. A sad world we live in Nihal, Take Care.

  2. So sorry to read that this is happening in your country.


  3. Oh, it's so nice to listen "Una Notte a Napoli" from Enrico Caruso or "Con te partirĂ²" from Andrea Bocelli or many others marvellous pieces. Music is always a great comfort.
    Have a pleasant evening, Nihal :-)