Sunday, June 20, 2010

But Planes Don't See!

light yellow beaches,
dark green seaweeds,
fiery red lovers,
black buildings,
raspberry pink clouds,
moon white seagulls,
orange towns,
soft breezes,
buoyant waves,
crescent moon,
or canyons...

{me, beach, in Caddebostan, on the Asian side}

life looked like that on 06/19 evening

Sharp waves, pink clouds, gray pebbles and golden orange towns can't be seen from the rearview-mirror of a car, the working sitting office or at a research laboratory. Super perfect for listening quietness, observing and changing colors. And the move of (my!) ruling planet.
I could not be merrier!

Taking my road to the beach, watching the
fête du ciel that no the other way to find the best way to do.. (The reason why I did not have time to watch television yesterday evening.) I have only one word right here from Istanbul- S U N! Note to self: bring some homemade strawberry cocktail to enjoy the sun+setting.

pssst! my photos are klikable for larger sizes:)


  1. 絵のように美しい風景です。

  2. @ Nobu-san: そうです、どうもありがとう。青い海、白船、丘の緑、.. 新しい物と古い物、.. もちろんボスフロスも! 本当にイスタンブ一ルは世界一奇麗な街です。

  3. Fabulous series, Nihal. Very nice your blond hair in the sunset light!
    Happy new week :-)

  4. hello!! wonderful moment you catch..and very senstitive

  5. @ CAM: A new reader from Romania? Welcome, and thanks for your kind note:)