Friday, June 18, 2010

I Saw ¨¨ She Saw

The 7th of june was my "TODAY". First thing to do in the morning is to make some tea and reading quickly the morning paper...

At that day I noticed an advertisement published on the newspaper. Coming from a very well known Turkish Bank and its credit card, called Axess...

Saying "Get +10% discount if you pay cash; get +5% if by installments. Do not delay your summer holiday."

In the end of my "TODAY", I found a few colorful pencils, a little piece of ribbon (for summergirl's hairgrip) and two embroidery spangles (for summergirl's earrings), see closely above or below. Oh, I was pretty ready to draw what I saw in the paper, on jun 7th..

Voila!!! Above is what I come up with. I like the summergirl even though she's a bit changed from her beauty but result seems as good as enough it can be:) Remember, I am very good at technical drawings and design, so do not expect too much from me for this kind of free style drawings:) I'm still developing my penciling...

Next is
about hers. The 9th of june was her "TODAY".

I was wondering what the bird would bring from my partner in Erkerode, Germany..

Waited bird arrives today! Very nice piece of drawing showing about the wonderful paper objects from the designer Katrin Ruhnau that Mano saw in Quedlinburg...

Did you know Quedlinburg is a UNESCO world heritage in the Harz Mountains of central Germany. Read more here

Drawing my own "Today I Saw" postcard and sending it to my partner, I enjoyed and understood that drawing is something funny and not easy depending on what you want to put in. Most importantly I learned about Quedlinburg, new for me, because I did not know it before. Participating for the TODAY I SAW Postcard Swap at sweet Jill's and having met to Mano was great, thanking very much you both.

I think you'll be amazed to see all the TODAY I SAW Kreatif Postakartlari flickr page -all handmade and made with love, please jump in the group pool

Tell me what's that you SAW TODAY?


  1. hello nihal, what a wonderful post!!!! I love the story, I love your drawing so much and I am happy that you like my one. I write more to you in 2 weeks, I'm going on holiday tomorrow morning (oh no: today!) and I'm very tired ...
    Have a nice weekend, mano

  2. Wonderful illustration!

  3. @ Mano: oh thank you for the compliments, you're welcome:) Alright, wishing you the best vacationing. Have fun!

    @ のぶさん: ええ、大好きな趣味。 ありがとう!案ずるより産むが易し:) またあとで..