Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rive Asiatique & Beach house dreaming!

I have no problem in dreaming a beach area nearby. Thankfully it's in a few minutes by walking for me. But I just imagine waking up in rooms with views like those on the beach...

the sea of Marmara on the Asian coast

being too hot, it was 35 Celsius (95F)

and humidity,
made it feel much warmer: 43 Celsius (109F)!!!

We generally expect the month of june with the average of being around 28-30C, but this year, this june it seems too early for the burning temperatures already in. Coming july, august, september? I can't imagine how hot months we will have then.. I'm typically a deep lover of sun, summer and exotic places, so I do not mind high degrees but I am wondering others, those old people, that can make sick people sicker..


  1. Ciao da Italia Nihal, it seems like me you enjoy the sun and water.

  2. Woderful photos of summer!
    We are in rainy season here in Japan.
    I want to see blue sky.

  3. What a nice series of summer images, Nihal. They are so pleasant, I enjoy them very much!
    About your question, I hope I don't let you down but I don't run any gallery (apart from the blog, which of course is a virtual gallery): I send my paintings when I'm invited to the various exhibitions in Italy or abroad. Generally I don't sell my works but if you are interested in one (or more) surely we can reach an agreement. If you like to have a look to some of my oil paintings, please click here.
    Have a beautiful Thursday evening :-)