Thursday, June 10, 2010

Visual Voltage Artwork

These boxes are...
--truly a work of art, but not for sale;
--truly a new view of energy from an art and design perspective, but not collectible;
--truly electricity fun, but static;
--and dangerous!

I know you'll like them:

*klik klik to enlarge to enjoy my photos*
(in turkish) ölüm tehlikesi meaning
dangerous notice embedded by the Ist'l municipality

I often come across this electricity box art when going to Marks & Spencer for shopping. It's placed in the backside of M&S Şaşkınbakkal on the Asian side (I live).

Here's another fun box for you (below)! It's in a short walking distance from the box above, placed in the backside of Zara Suadiye. So nice to see lovely art scenes on my way, then going to shopping at my fave stores:)

Painting space on millions of volt of electricity.. There are so many boxes like them in the both sides of city. People are doing really strange things if it's about art, but it's certain that a piece of art is partnering me when walking and I allow it to wash over me. There's excitement in the air, on the Istanbul roads;)


  1. Merhaba Nihal!

    Unfortunately I havn't been on the Asian side of Istanbul, but of course I took a lot of photos in this direction... ;-)
    But I came very close to Asia during a boat trip along the Bosporus in Black Sea direction and back to the landing near Atatürk brdge.
    Istanbul is really an amazing megacity and I can really imagine to live and work there for a while, too.

    Yesterday evening I started editing my first photos of our trip - after my return of a fair at Munich. Maybe you are interested in some photos of the AUTOMATICA fair if you are engineer in mechanical engineering. So have a peep to my latest post. Some of my impressions of Istanbul will follow later that day.

    Güle güle, Uwe.

  2. Wonderful murals, they must be fun to come upon during your walks.


  3. @ Uwe: Very nice salutation in my native language, merhaba to you too:) For a little taste of Europe and a little taste of Asia, sounds great that you had an enjoyable trip to Istanbul taking a Bosphorus tour where the continents meet! A must for everyone, I think. No worries, the day you get ready to take your next trip to Ist'l, I know you will see the different tastes of both sides. For instance, housing on the Asian side is different, greener, a bit silent, relaxing people, the Prince islands charm peaceful, more & more.. In fact we were living in the European side, later we moved in the opposite side. All in all, combining the inclusiveness of different lands, the City offers a wide variety of choices, of course for who want to see and understand:) Your quick editorial work would be highly appreciated;)

    Yes I am. Even though I'm directed into strategic planning and mngt after having worked in heavy industry and construction until 1999, I'm still interested in technology and machinery.

  4. I love that form of art. I recently saw one painted like the gingerbread house from the fairy tale of Hansel and Grechel, it really spoke to the imagination. And that for an ugly old utility box!

  5. Nihal, these artistic electricity boxes are absolutely new for me, we have nothing like that in our town. I wonder if in Istanbul there are electricity boxes painted also with different subjects, I mean: portraits, abstract compositions, still lifes.
    I think the white dots on my flowers are the effect of dewdrops in the sunlight.

    Have a pleasant evening :-)

  6. @ Pietro: Electricity boxes in Ist'l are painted with different subjects, not only landscapes as I displayed here on. One time I was driving, and I saw a young woman looking from the window with a very nice decolleté dress.. But impossible to stop in the mid of traffic and take a shot. Yes topics about life, abstracts, animals,.. many varied paintings that there are. Wish I could have more time, and dedicate my one day to take their shots, you know Ist'l is incredibly big town and there's terribly traffic on the roads. Am not sure if one day would be enough for my photo taking tour.. of course not.

    Hope this is helpful for you. Why not going to discuss this one-of-a-kind lovely box art with the Torino Mayor, and start painting your boxes:) Do invite me to see them when your project finished:)

    You're sempre welcome if you have further questions.