Monday, June 07, 2010

Street in Nisantasi, Istanbul

Believe it! Red alarm was given now over the country, because of..

june 7, 2010, Monday

Maybe you are enjoying spring or summer, but we are back again to cold days! A few days ago Russian sailors were tanning on the deck! Who could suppose I would take a photo above in june? I did indeed. Rain, cold wings, again heavy rain. Floods, thunderstorms, landslides. Temperatures back to be 14 degrees colder. Crazy raining since yesterday evening in Istanbul. Today public workers with disabilities and schools took the day off, and will be closed until Wednesday.

Being Istanbulites were caught unprepared for the early summer rains? No, it seems like autumn rain. Roads fulfilled with people wore winter colors, many blacks and browns, long boots, scarfs..

Oh my, should I find my wintery clothes and shoes urgently now. Socializing outside is just dream, best to stay indoors and listen the rain voice whispering like "The great I am". Can you tell me if spring is like spring in your town, or unnatural conditions affect you?


  1. We're in the middle of it, Nihal. On Saturday we reached 35ºC and temperatures are now starting to drop slowly. The forecast says we'll reach 22ºC tomorrow -I don't think we'll need our raincoats in Madrid-.

    But you know what they say... after the storm, there's always sun. ;)

  2. Saygıdeğer Nihal hanım,yağmur çevre için çok iyi oldu,temizlik ve yeşillik açısından,ama şehirlerde beton ve asfalt kaplama yüzünden yollarda ve bazı semtlerde tehlikeli olabiliyor.Yağmurda sessiz ortamda bulunup damlaların sesini dinlemek apayrı bir zevk şüphesiz.İşlerinizde başarı,yaşamınızda sağlık dileklerimle,hoşca kalın.

  3. Suprised!
    It looks winter scene.
    But, I think it will cange to warm soon.

  4. Spring in Northern California has definately been much wetter and cooler than usual. I do so hope we will have a summer and not just pass on (dripping) into fall.


  5. Even a shopping bag to match your clothes. Now that is colour-coordinated.

  6. I weather has been so changeable. First it was cooler that normal, then it was much hotter. First it was very dry, and then it was so much rain.

    Today was about 80 F with gentle breeze. This weekend it is supposed to be in the 90s with thunderstorms.

    I guess we just have to stay tuned day to day.

  7. Nihal, this year Spring is a bit late in the North of Italy. Today, for example, it's hot (too hot) in spite of the grey stormy clouds!