Monday, July 12, 2010

The Cup Helps?

Top 4 of the World Cup 2010 and what they won:

Winner Spain: 30 mio$
2nd the Netherlands: 24 mio$
3rd Germany: 20 mio$
4th Uruguay: 18 mio$

July 11, 2010
South Africa
Stat Soccer City
Against The Netherlands
The great Casillas, goal keeper of Spanish team
The 116th minute goal
From Andrés Iniesta makes
The World's biggest in football:
Viva Espanaaaa!

I think I will not easily forget the World Cup Final last night! The match left me sleepless until midnight because of extratime but its worth a match even if you dislike the football. The man of the match, Iniesta, gave Spain its first World Cup title with his late but excellent goal that came after superb positioning and movement on the field!
Bravo Iniesta, made history in the World Cup Championship!

Wondering if winning 30 mio$ from lifting World Cup will boost the Spanish economy? This will mean a recovery for bad signaling Spanish money markets this year?

Hey! Don't forget to give Congrats to your Spanish blogger-non blogger and real-time, even online friends:)


  1. We are Champions! Nevertheless, the last minutes were very sustained.
    Thanks for your congratulations Greetings from Spain

  2. Hello Nihal! I'm not fond of football but I know it can be really thrilling if well played. Generally I don't like to see matches (football, tennis) on television: I find the tv image does not give the right ratio between the field (court) and the players motion.
    About the Daily Motion videos, I think it's not a censorship towards Italy (Daily Motion is the italian site Virgilio!!) but rather a problem perhaps due to my slow connection: I'll try to deepen it.
    All the best, Happy Tuesday :-)

  3. Not too shabby! It is too bad I couldn't earn this much money for two weeks worth of work.

  4. @ José: Yes, you are the biggest in football, absolutely a deserved success:)

    @ LC: I'd like to ask you: if the winner was (your country) the States..? Would you comment the same as you did, I wonder? I think not:) To my limited knowledge on football, all I know is that football is a "strategy" game, there is a "planning" between players. No game plan is a plan without a strategy:) So, not easy. Not simple.