Saturday, July 10, 2010

Evli, Mutlu, Çocuklu

Obviously I am thinking different from what Demet says...

Marriage with kids, or not. Being single or getting married. Resolution came to me during listening the song: Accept what you can not change, make the best of it, and keep on track towards your destiny.

ne of the rising pop stars of Turkish music industry, Demet sings in a beautiful song called as "My dream life in three words: Married, Happy, with Children (Turkish: Evli, Mutlu, Çocuklu)".

Demet came to a country-wide success with catchiest songs. This
is newly released one of the summer season, and I really love her song! It is incredibly rainy the Istanbul, oh again, but nice just at home, my candles giving a dim light and shutters put up to keep clean my all windows, and.. thinking what summer should be;)

In the last seconds of the video, her handsome husband Önder is also taking part. The newly wed yet have no kids. Meet the pretty couple and enjoy the sun streaming fantastic video. I thought you might like it.

If you were, how would you sum up your life in three words?

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  1. Health, family = happiness. My three words for you Nihal. Have a great weekend. Are you joining the Sunday Song tomorrow with this song?

  2. @ Linda: Yes yes, with this sélection de musique I'm participating at Natasha's:) Added the link.

  3. Hope, Charenge, and Smile.

    ニハルさん こんにちは。

  4. Hello Nihal! Just for your information, the display of the video on my computer says: "Contenuto Non Disponibile. Spiacenti, questo contenuto non è disponibile per il tuo Paese".
    My three words are: Thoughts, Height, Details.
    I wish you a very nice new week :-)

  5. @ Pietro: Daily Motion is a very well known video-sharing website, and open for everyone. Maybe Italia is censoring, have no idea exactly. Weird!
    Please visit and type Demet Akalin in search box, listen the song there in your home:) Hope it works.

  6. Nihal, I've visited the site of Daily Motion but I cannot watch any video there, while I can watch all the videos of YouTube. Maybe I must put a new plug-in for Daily Motion.

  7. @ Nobu-san: ええ、そうよ。 日本の文化は私にとても興味深いです:)

    @ Pietro: Oh that's OK now:) A technically problem only at your side. Replacing plug-in or not, your preference to watch the video:)