Wednesday, July 07, 2010

I Know Why I Am Missing!


a pond in green germany

chihuahua al pasifico train crossing the copper canyon in mexico

poseidon lines in rodos, greece

matsumoto castle in central nagano, japan

yellow rose from the southeast england

newport, oregon in the us

express train approaching to santa lucia station in venezia, italy

taj mahal in india

To miss is a desire to change the current town of where I live in. Sometimes I may find myself in a soul like this. Therefore I am missing all above spots...

So it is. The Netherlands is the first semi-finalist for the World Cup 2010 in South Africa. The Dutch is waiting Germany or Spain? What's your estimation for the second finalist? Who will be the winner for the Cup? I want ALMANYA to be the cup winner, Germany.

Important eve, stressful hours --am off to watch Germany vs Spain.

::updated to add 07/08::

The Netherlands 3-2 Uruguay
Germany 0-1 Spain

Final match, on Sun Jul 11, 2010

Spain vs the Netherlands


  1. I was so surprised to see your photo of Newport, OR. My family owned a beach cabin south of Newport when I was growing up so I spent a lot of time there.


  2. Kıymetli Nihal hanım,Miraç kandilinizi tebrik eder,hayırlara vesile olmasını,sevdiklerinizle beraber daha nice kandillere kavuşmanızı dilerim.En içten sevgi ve saygılarımla.

  3. @ Darla: I should say, these photos are not mine, but my darling friends took them. Credit goes to each one of them:) The point is I missed the States, and used the photo of OR as a reference:)

    @ IU: Teşekkürler, çok düşüncelisiniz her zaman için. Ben de size ve sevdiklerinize İyi Kandiller diliyorum.

  4. Thanks for visiting a.

    Creativity and imagination pictures of Jose Ramon and his comments.

    You have an interesting blogs.

  5. ciao Nihal...
    è sempre un piacere sentirti.....
    bellissime le sono luoghi che hai visitato?
    un abbraccio bea.

  6. Hello Nihal! I also am missing many many spots!
    About Japanese, I find it really difficult: I bought a booklet which explains the common expressions and many other things, but I've not yet uploaded the keyboard on my computer. I always wonder how it's possible to translate from Japanese: the ideograms are lots, it's hard to find the right one ;-)
    Happy weekend

  7. Hi,
    Wanted to tell you there is now a facebook fan page for Gary, my husband's music:
    and you can follow him on Twitter at:

    :) Theresa

  8. @ Bea: Le paese dove sono non stata ancora India e Messico. Altre tutte, si, sono gia' stata:)