Thursday, July 01, 2010

"He's Not My Sweetheart, Just Friend!"


Depending on what I am taking a photo of, I do like to take a paparazzi approach to my photography methods especially on the streets. However I admit it is really hard!!! About celebrities and famous faces here in Turkey (above), our magazines full of photos have been popular for years, even today... So let's give best photo credit to the photographers of Kelebek


  1. That first photo looks like Katie Holmes!!

    Ciao Nihal, I spologise for my prolonged silence, I've been digging myself out of a deep dark place. Better now.

    I've missed you,
    Lola xx
    Aglio, Olio e

  2. @ Eli: What a nice compliment for beautiful turkish girls:) Yes Katie so beautiful, her little Suri is adorable, isn't it. Your blog functions like a window, exactly like a home with two windows, (your two interesting blogs I mean) so I can see you every moment whenever I want to:) T/care & baci carissima.