Friday, July 02, 2010

Midsummer Celebration

Isn't it the Simple Pleasures that make summertime so Special...?

I can not take my eyes off from those morning glories!

If... ah if I had a magic wand, I would like to be in Japan right now and give my huge starry thanks to the very thoughtful friend of mine because of this gorgeously paper-made Summer Pot!

Celebrating Summer! Celebrating all warmth of the perfect season and warm wishes come to find me in an unexpected moment. And you? What are you celebrating today or seeing this midsummer?


  1. Your paper bouquet is lovely, Nihal! The colors are just right for our celebration here in states......Independence Day which is Sunday, July 4th. There will be lots of colorful fireworks that will light up the sky as long as it doesn't rain!
    When we lived in Japan one of my favorite places to visit was near downtown Tokyo, a village called Asaksabashi (might not have that spelled right). There was a store there that sold all kinds of crafting supplies and I loved to visit and shop. Then my husband would make a stop at his favorite place....Akihabra where lots of electronics were sold. It would be fun to visit and see if some things are still the same and to see how much things have changed. Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Very lovely these paper flowers, Nihal! They really give the feeling of spring/summer.
    In these days here we are at 40° C ("perceived" temperature, because of the great humidity), really too much.
    Happy Sunday :-)

  3. They grow very well, don't forget to give water and talk to them.
    Nice and colorful pictures.