Friday, July 16, 2010

Parliament Blue Nights

:: klik klik for bigger views ::

:: taken on the beach Caddebostan/ Asia/ Ist'l ::

Summer nights here are really more magical than others. This was one of those nights, one of those parliament blue nights as I call. Blue nights in Istanbul is the dark mystery within, absolutely a magical journey into self!

The dark blue night skies make so beautiful and romantic setting for special nights in Istanbul. I love so much particularly the depth blue, from skies to the water on the beach. Everywhere. My life is righteous if I am here:)

Tell me- what's the color of your summer nights? Wishing you magical summer nights.


  1. 微妙に変化していく青い夜空が綺麗ですね。

  2. Really beautiful night images, Nihal: from the fascinating moon to the happy young people along the street, to the bright road signs.
    Have a nice day!

  3. hi nihal, we live in the country, in a little village, next city is 20 km off. yesterday was a warm and dark night, and midnigth we saw many, many stars and the Milky Way, it was great! but also 7 satellites and ca. 20 planes in 1 hour - civilisation...
    have a nice weekend with more blue nights, mano

  4. Lovely pics.
    You have really great blog!

  5. @ Nobuさん: はい、そうです。窓の外は本当に詩情湧く。

    @ Marinela: Thanks for your sweet comment, and always welcome:) Your poems are kind of promising future surely, I just like reading.