Sunday, July 18, 2010

Queen Ortanca

IN MY TOWN, Istanbul, there is an explosion of ortanca (English: Hydrangea)! With plentiful spring and summer rains they made a big splash blooming like crazy in this year. As you know this flower needs plenty of water. Pinks, blues, whites, sugar pinks and purples are filling the gardens, yards and parks... here they are:

Hydrangea Macrophylla l with wide variety -blue and pink

PeeGee Hydrangea l with white flowers

Oakleaf Hydrangea l with pale pink flowers

the profusion of blooming hydrangeas made me feel like it is summer at home, too:) There are of course many signs of summer, from the smell of tomatoes, fresh cherries, bermudas, windsurfers, h
agen-dazs icecream to sandals but there is no sight than my hydrangeas bloom pink and blue throughout my mind... look at its quick growing up, most beautiful flowered plant in my little corner:

INSIDE MY HOME, I wanted to carry some effect of this most beautiful flowered plant that is originally discovered in Japan, symbolizing both gratefulness and pride. I was sure I would use my origami talent and.. it was big fun for me to make its star-shaped flowers in different colored papers by folding techniques; here is what I come up:

As for its name rooting; "Hydor" in greek meaning "water", and "angos" meaning vessel or jar, the name of this flower literally translated "water barrel". Representing heartfelt appreciation, extremely vigorous that blooms throughout summer into fall, there could be any better long-lived sign of summer?!

PS In Istanbul we used to see hydrangeas until the early weeks of December!


  1. What a great variety of colors you have photographed. We have one hydrangia, a dark pink.

    Your origami interpretation is great.


  2. I love hydrangea.
    In my town, this flower have almost finished.
    But I see it again in your post.

    Nice idea!!

  3. Hi,
    I have two blue and a purple version in my garden. Water is not a porblem here in Cornwall, we have recently had a week of heavy rain. They are a lovey flower and really bring colour to my garden.

  4. Hi Nihal! Hydrangea in Italian is ortensia, we also have many here. Your origami are really beautiful!