Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Do Not Tell My Wife


Thankyou jesus for irl and online friends. Couldn't live w/o either.
Laptop down! It's IRL Face Time!
It was so cool meeting you irl!:)

Answer: ALL IS LIE.

-- Did you ever consider your online world?
-- Are your circle of friends caring about you?
-- Are you just as real online?
-- Virtuality means something not 'real' to you?
-- Is it a different expression of our realness?
-- Your friends across the wires touch you? ie Encouraging? Supporting?

Do you read the Harvard Business Review? When I have time, HBR is my address that I can be found at:) There are business bloggers who discuss a variety of business topics including innovation, leadership, people, management, etc etc. I think you ALL enjoy reading this great article -A List of the 10 Reasons "to Stop Apologizing for Your Online Life". Please read here for a complete discussion

Ms Samuel, author, ends her 'very valid points' up with a saying "All it takes is the decision to treat your online existence seriously, honestly and attentively, and you will find that the Internet is RLT: REAL LIFE TOO."

How true!

Share if you have different opinion..

IRL= shorthand for 'in real life'

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  1. Enjoyed the article. I do believe I'm real in whatever way I communicate. I'm not as connected as many people tho, don't twitter or factbook or whatever. Blogging and e-mail keep me busy.