Monday, August 30, 2010

Do Be Do Be Do

Do you compare the on-line friendships with people "you know of" in real time?

Some days I ask myself "do I know you?"

No. In reality I don't. But in today's modern day living, it easily comes possible to feel like you know someone! You can be reached by one of these ways; commenting on your site, talking to you in your twitter stream or facebook page. Maybe it could be even a small e-mail with sharing encouraging words.

The most surprising part of it is that you can feel like you know someone even when you really don't! You should believe it that sometimes it is pretty enough to exchange a lovely favor, to shopping good wishes or engage in a micro-interaction. Although breadth can never replace in-depth, you would be blessed how makes a lot of sense.

Steal this idea and apply: you can get great results by thinking and acting small:)
Because we are socially connected, and fluffy boundaries with these days. So doing will help you connect ideas and build momentum with people from that connection.

"To be is to do" -- Voltaire
"To do is to be" -- Descartes
"Do be do be do" -- Frank Sinatra


  1. LOL - I vote for Frank Sinatra!


  2. Virtual friends can go on to become friends in real life as I have already discovered :)

  3. Nihal, I was drawn to your blog via Roma Every Day because of your Botticelli photo. It is one of my favorite places to visit in the Louvre.

    I was just in Istanbul in May. Do you know a company called Solutions? I now bookmarked your blog. I'll be back!


  4. @ Chris: Missed you, sorry I was a lazy reader, liebe gruße:)

    @ Linda: Absolutely. Lucky you, maybe me too:)

    @ Jeff: For the second time, welcome to Istanbul. Plus, I'm pleased to meet another Botticelli lover like me:)

    Oh been to the city? Sounds great:) Would love to hear a few of your thoughts? Hope all went good and fun.

    Sorry no, haven't heard such a company you titled. Because there are many companies ending with/referred to 'solutions', ie Xprint solutions, XXrecruitment solutions, XXXinteractive solutions,... You've been to Istanbul for business purpose or..?

    Eleonora as a darling friend of mine "online", hopefully we can meet eachother in person somewhere someday. Come visit me again:)

  5. Online friends are great I think and when you meet them in person it is even better. At least that has been my experience.


  6. The world has become bigger with online friends. Connectivity is possible - it depends how one relates to each other. I've met some blogger frends - face to face. Yay!