Thursday, September 02, 2010

Ancient Mediterranean Life

Byzantine. Canaanite. Roman. Geyre..

from the island of Chios. from Palestine. from Knidos. from Egypt..

from 14th c. BC, 1-6th c. AD, 20th century..

for storing and transporting their wine, olive oil, olives, dry foodstuff..

men created them in different shapes and different forms..

* click on murals to enlarge *

I am talking about the biggest wonderful collection of historical artifacts on display in the Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology.
It is about amphoras! Formed from two Greek words: anfi, meaning two-sided and phora, meaning transportable.

Did you know the world's biggest Eastern Mediterranean Amphora Collection is found in this Museum located in St Peter's Castle in Bodrum. I enjoyed very much seeing them all and also two-handled portable jugs with a pointed bottom. More pictures and details from the Museum soon, check back!


  1. Nihal, these artifacts are so beautiful!! I enjoy them a lot!

  2. Beautiful museum collection. I always wondered how those two handled pots with the pointed bottoms were used. Do tell us.


  3. Dear Nihal perfect museum indeed, while visiting all sections are being affected.Thank you for nice sharing.Stay well.