Monday, September 06, 2010

Desire, Desire, Burning

"We should have come to this country bridging the east and west before, we do not have a valid reason as to why we haven't come so far." ~Bono

Bono gave an interview before his arrival on Saturday. Stated that Bono made a wish. About passing thru the continents. By walking. A feeling of having that inspiring unique atmosphere on his feet. It was a wish as easy as that.

I guessed correctly, his request was accepted by our officials immediately. Like many other his fans, I am also pleased to see that Bono's dream came true! Yesterday.
One section of the Bosphorus Bridge was closed to traffic for them. World famous Bono and U2 members walked over the bridge that connects not only the both sides of the city, but also two continents, Europe and Asia.

After about a 45 minute walk, our State Minister gave a present to Bono. A replica of the letter of gratitude sent by the Irish government to the Ottoman Empire, who helped some 150 years ago, when people in Ireland were suffering in starvation.

Now a request from this Istanbulian girl. To our officials.

PLEASE make it possible walking over the Bridge for EVERYONE. It's so very exciting and ONE matchless feeling that should be between two continents. Should be different from my daily crossing with car. Poets, writers, kids, artists, photographers, singers, tourists, locals, famed, not famed,... and me, my family, my friends.

There are millions of millions, that I am sure whose wishes are the same like Bono. Please, please, please...


  1. What a great thing to have done. I agree it would be wonderful to give everyone this opportunity. Bono is brilliant!

  2. I agree, Nihal, the opportunity for everyone to walk on the Bosphorus Bridge would be really nice and significant.
    Happy Tuesday! :-)

  3. @ Zaira: Yeap, we all of us love him:) Welcome to my page, thanks.