Wednesday, September 08, 2010

May I Suggest: PRAY

There are many interesting places to visit here which tell the story of Istanbul's past...

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Unlike any other one in the city! Series of coloumns supporting low-ceilinged space. Vaulted maze supported by squat pillars. Little compartments for private prayers. Housed underground in a crypt of the former Castle of Galata. Tradition has it that the chains that prevented unwanted ships from entering to Golden Horn were anchored right here. So during the Byzantine times, the Golden Horn was controlled from here.

Inside the chapel, there are two important tombs of two Arab soldiers (above), and one inside a seperate glass case.

In the Ottoman conquest, the Castle destroyed, and the ruin remained was converted into mosque in 1757. Widely known Underground Mosque (Turkish: Yeralti Camii), in turkish known as Kurşunlu Mahzen Camii (English: Gunpowder Warehouse Mosque) is situated in the old historical part of the City, Karaköy.

The girl was happy to take the day off. The girl was happier to having spent her day visiting significant mosques in the last day of her fasting month. Communing with believers and praying in pretty nice sacred houses, she is now feeling ready herself to "move" next year. Began on Aug 11, the holiest month of the year, Ramadan, ends today. The girl is sad, but...

.. believe that the month of brotherhood and renewal of relationships will certainly feed us in more ways than one.

Where is the Underground Mosque?
Kemankeş Cad. Karantina Sok. No: 20 Karaköy; on the side of the Karaköy ferry port.


  1. All very nice images of the Underground Mosque, Nihal. The first three pictures are so fascinating!
    I like your suggestion: in my opinion, prayer is essential in our life.
    Happy Friday :-)

  2. @ Pietro: What would my life be like without my readers' thoughts?! Its wonderful to read your note, thanks very much Pietro. Best wishes for a nice Friday to you while we are enjoying our (Sweet Festival) holidays until next Mon.