Sunday, September 12, 2010

Waka Waka This Time For TURKEY!

There is anyone not heard the success of our "12 Giant Men"?

In news
l selected from Turkish press:

hurriyet { Historic victory. Facing to USA }

fanatik { Cry or get crazy! We are in the final: 82-83 }

{ Now Your Turn USA... }

vatan { We are just flying }

{ Not A Dream }

In news l selected from the US press:

Now look at the results and see our continued tremendous run at the FIBA 2010 World Basketball Championship:

28 Aug TR vs Coste d'Ivoire: 86-47
29 Aug TR vs Russia: 65-56
31 Aug TR vs Greece: 76-65
1 Sep TR vs Puerto Rico: 79-77
2 Sep TR vs China: 87-40
5 Sep TR vs France: 95-77
8 Sep TR vs Slovenia: 95-68
11 Sep TR vs Serbia: 83-82
12 Sep TR vs USA: ..64..-..81..

On Saturday's semi-final against Serbia, the luck found our team. But it was not realized so easy. From the beginning to end, it was a head to head game! Died, died, and revived. In the last 0.5 seconds to go, again... a miracle happened! I think the half of our success lies in our faith. Noone can change this fact about our mind-boggling success! Miracle seeking shot formed to give our team one more new giant step. A giant step going to find a way to overcome the US today, oh my...

We are so proud. We are so happy. This is our very first historic success in the basketball arena. In world stage! Less than 12 hours at Istanbul's Sinan Erdem Dome. Bring us the deserved Gold medal, 12 Devadam! YOU WIN, OR WIN.

Update@Sep 14

What a game, what a final of giants both black and white! Left us breathless! Because of their very natural athletic advantage, no any team in the world can beat them since 1984! We being Turkish Team are of course too less for USA.

Isn't it a Happy End?! We have succeeded the hardest. We are the Best 2nd of the world and the 1st of the Europe in basketball. CONGRATS to TURKEY for the silver medal in the world basketball championship.
(Congrats to US for gold medal as well)


[12 Devadam, in turkish = 12 Giantmen]
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  1. Very nice selection of basketball news.
    I see that four of the results at the "FIBA 2010 World Basketball Championship" are crushing victories.
    Happy new week, Nihal :-)

  2. おめでとうございます。

  3. @ Pietro: Grazie mille. Anche a te buon inizio settimana. A presto:)

    @ のぶさん: どうもありがとう。