Sunday, September 26, 2010

Are You Ready To Fall?

I am just feeling inside me to shout like helpless sigh of Goethe:
"Stop, oh moment. How wonderful you are!"

This weekend. Watching the water. Superb Istanbul blue. Flip-flops. Sun. Mini skirts. Bikes. Babies with their parents on the beach. Prince Islands in front of our eyes. Very clear view. Wind surfing. Joggers both young and older. Watching the birds. Happy swirling. Sitting and watching the horizon. A full weekend under warm. Drinks. Cold. Pic-nic sets on grass. Ice-creams. Lovers hand-to-hand. Ayy ay..

Wearing my Gisele Bündchen sandals. So lovely corner views. Take this, oh this, and this one too. Collecting many photos by the waterside. I'm so grateful for the big sea at my door. So soothing. The perfect elixir at my fingertips. We are not ready. And too, I am not ready to let go off just yet: summer in Istanbul. No signs of autumn:)

*i was sitting next to these turkish girls.. how bad they are smoking:(

God! Hear me, read my note but please do not help me to make my dream real: Wish there's only one season, and it would be summer!

My photos taken on the Caddebostan Beach and around, Asian part, I live by. Do click on each photo, come closer and immerse yourself into the magnificent City's...


  1. Looks like perfect weather. What's the temperature? Ready to head your way!

  2. Like you I love summer but I have had to accept with chilly nights and mornings that Autumn has finally arrived in Italy :)

  3. @ Zany: Indeed so perfect:) Super warm + less humid. So this would be the best time for visitors. Because during summer the humidity level is really higher than in Sept we have. Your travel timing is perfect:) The temp is these days ~ 82 - 91F (28 - 33C) However Istanbul weather is subject to change suddenly, and you may get a little rain (not big portion). So be sure to bring your umbrella and one or two sweater. If you forget then, do not worry, I can give you mine:)
    Bring some Californian weather to Istanbul, Marlene. Istanbul awaits your welcome, me too:)

  4. 美しく、楽しそうな夏の一日ですね。
    Beautiful and happy summer day.
    Here in Japan, this summer was very hot.
    At last, we feel autumn at end of september.

  5. Your weather is about like ours. It has been 85-90F here the last few days. We almost always get our "summer" in September and October here by the Bay.

    Lovely views, I like the bracelet, is that yours?


  6. @ Darla: Yes, I know thru tweet-updates that 100 degree temperatures there in Los Angeles, CA in general. Even warmer than ours:)
    Yes, it's my bracelet and my pink bag, all casual, weekendy stuff I like to use:) I bought the bracelet at Yargici, a leading turkish brand; have a look at its shop-online:

    N' joy your high degrees:)

  7. It all looks wonderful - so full of life and joy.

    Martha Stewart had an episode in her show recently that was about her trip to Istanbul. The show was full of so many of the beautiful sites you show us. I thought of you while I watched.

  8. @ Bev: Yes Bev, Martha Stewart was currently visiting Turkey in june. Our news gave all about her and her team that toured the Aegean and Cappadocia regions for the show, and stayed until the end of June. Amazing part was that her team briefed on our Turkish cuisine. We loved this powerful woman very much:) Do you know her show has been broadcast in several countries inc. Australia, Canada, Japan, Singapore, Belgium and New Zealand except our many turkish channels.

    Thanks so much for keeping me in your thoughts. One more news; Bill Clinton coming to Istanbul for a conference as his 2nd time, and Seth Godin as well. When are you coming?