Saturday, September 25, 2010

An Evening Without Plans

I liked this movie mainly:

  • for Drew's performance,
  • for light but tasty romantic comedy which you actually believe what you're seeing,
  • and, for the introduction of real world factors that are meant to reflect stagnant economy.

Going the Distance is the love story between Erin (Drew Barrymore) and Garrett (Justin Long). The relationship is going really well in NY, but leaving both lovers miserable after her heading back to SF to complete grad school. Isn't it every time "distance" a serious problem that can sometimes go for the big dirty joke? Yeees!

However it works (and will work) rather well when it follows the heart. So Erin and Garrett could solve their long-distance problem:)

As always I say that the life is really so beautiful. What makes it really complicated and boring is because of the people. It could be bearable and happily lived place as long as we understand and help each other.

The long-distance relationship is a fact of life for many couples, especially at a time of high unemployment and economic anxiety but..
it's very nice Saturday evening now in Istanbul... free from wind, calm, perfectly balanced sky, and want to go out, the near distant:)

Forgive me, and read more about this movie right here:
nothing keeps them apart except a continent

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  1. Nihal, you've written very good notes about the movie and the reasons why you like it. "Going the distance" make me think of the intense and charming movie "The Bridges of Madison County", with Meryl Streep and Clint Eastwood: no comparison of course, because the two love stories are quite different.
    Happy new week :-)