Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Meet Fairies In Anatolia

This summer I was celebrating turning another year younger here:) I did not want to take a break from my fairies meet up. I did not want to leave my cave. I did not want to say goodbye to beautiful horses. I did not want to come back to Istanbul. I did not want to stop watching balloons. I loved so much being there! When I was on my way back to home at the airport in Ankara, I promised myself one thing: Yes, I will. I could not get satisfied exploring you. I will come again, wait me, pretty soon, maybe sooner than yesterday.

Several millions years of erosion of the earth formed the strangest, magical region of so called Fairy Chimneys..

Exceptional with its surrealistic landscapes saw the penetration of Christianity on the footsteps of St Paul in the middle of mainland Anatolia..

The first Christians came to settle in the natural grottoes..

And, they created the rock-carved churches and amazing underground cities in this UNESCO heritage land called Cappadocia, Kapadokya as we call in turkish. They painted the churches with brilliant and simple colours relating the important episodes of the Bible. Resources say that the apogee of Byzantine and Christian Cappadocia took place between the beginning of the 10th century and second half of 11th century.

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  1. Ciao, un caro saluto da Torino, noi dell'isola che c'è ci ricordiamo sempre di te:-)
    Foto magnifiche, l'inglese, come sai, non lo conosco:-)

  2. @ Riri: Quanto mi piace questa.., che bello leggerti, carissima:) Forse sto essendo egoista, ho deciso scrivere inglese ma navigare con l'anima italiana -sempre-:) Non vi ho mai dimenticato, ti mando un caro saluto alla mia città bella Torino sempre nel mio cuore ed un abbraccio♥

  3. Hi Nihal

    I like the pictures, it looks very beautiful and interesting. Good to see you're still in the blogosphere.

  4. @ Dick: Ah you're also back:) Thanks a lot for your comment. Indeed the region is mega-gorgeous than my writing here. It comes so difficult to switch on here after having so wonderful summer... anyway I'll try my best:)

  5. Nihal, surely it's really difficult to return to "reality" after thrilling holidays. These landscapes are fabulous, very interesting.
    I'm thinking how the world has changed during the million and million years: and, more generally, how the universe now is so different, almost unrecognizable, from what it was at the beginning.
    Have a nice evening

  6. this is such a great place and it is a shame on my part that i havent visited there yet, even though i live in istanbul... ok, i accept thr fact that i am sluggish.

  7. Hi Nihal,

    today there's a little time to care for my blog - and the blogs of some of my blog friends. There are so many photos to look through of my trip to the Far East...
    I've never been to Cappadocia, but my parents have been there for several times. And they always raved about the beauty of the Cappadocian landscape after their return.
    Enjoy your sunny and hot Sunday at Istanbul - we already have autumn in Germany!


  8. @ Jedi: Welcome to my page:) Living in Istanbul? Sounds great. Yeap, you should make plans to take a trip to Cappa asap and feel the atmosphere by your own way as its really worth; another "world" in the world!

    @ Uwe: Very glad to hear from you, danke schön:) And, welcome back from your F/East travel. I can't wait to read your stories about today's economy motor Big China. Your Shanghai photos are extremely beautiful!!! Everyone should see what you took. As for Cappa, pretty agree with your parents. You too have a nice week ahead, and sorry not yet autumn for us in Istanbul:)