Sunday, September 19, 2010

Show Me Your Eyes


I look into your eyes & see the whole universe
not yet born.



  1. What a beautiful picture Nihal. Enjoy your Sunday !

  2. @ Annelies: Thanks:) The photo taken by a darling friend of mine in CA. Like you, I love it too. Wanted to share here.

  3. awesome! you should give us more of these.

  4. Very nice picture and I like the image of "the whole universe not yet born" of Rumi's quote. I am thinking that our real and material universe is about 15 billion years old.
    Happy new week, Nihal :-)

  5. Lovely find ... color obviously excites you, too.

  6. @ uha1: Thanks, agree. Really super photo. I asked to my friend to take more similar shots along w/all of your nice comments. Even though he's so busy one at his work, lets hope he may give us more colors again soon:) He's a talent in taking interesting photos, I know.

    @ Chuck: Welcome and tks for your kind note. Hope to see you again at CR:)