Tuesday, October 19, 2010

From The Cradle Of Civilization

The world is changing.. equilibriums are changing.. technology is changing.. habits are changing.. The climate and the environment are changing.. Societies and cultures are changing. So what will be our position in the future of the world, did you ever think?

listening to instinct..

joining the crowd on a Sunday afternoon, Oct 3

heightened awareness

atmospheric change

positive connections

expressions of joy

delicate situations

finding home on Wednesday, Oct 13

Twin towers, expansive skies, economically stable a giant geography and continuous demand for luxury items? Modern day TURKEY has all this and much, much more in the background. It's a land of hidden treasures. It's about water, culture and about-yes, HISTORY. It's about horses, mountain meadows, most gracious and generous hospitality,..

Think original design by nature. Think spectacular cuisine. Think Spas. Think old antique theatre meets the cable cars. Think adventures, think mongolfiera magic in the air, think the Mother goddess Kybele, think Rumi of the hope of future, think "me" experienced this and more!

As I marked on our road map above (you can click it for larger view), we travelled 2,500 km into 7 main historically important spots of Turkey's treasures in mainland Anatolia, with a big group. We talked and laughed in italian as you guess:) This time no flight, only stretch of a long, long road. Start off from Istanbul, directing to Ankara, ohh my Cappa... (for the second time being in Cappadocia!), Konya, Denizli, Aydin, Izmir, Çanakkale, and thru Tekirdağ coastline in Thrace, we safely returned back to Istanbul.

..and above all,
THINK about having the time
to let your spirits soar,
coming to TURKEY


  1. Nice to see the map because it helps put a better picture in my mind about your trip. The photo's are great, particularly like the one of the horse.


  2. What a great trip to undertake, the map was a useful aide. I see you have pomegranates in Turkey as well!

  3. I can only imagine the wonder of your trip. You and your blog have made me so much more aware of the beauty, culture and history of Turkey.

    Are those your pretty blue eyes?

  4. @ Bev: No wonder sweet comments always come from sweet ones -like you:) Look, how careful readers I've got.. its been long to say the colors of my eyes, mine are like Julia Roberts's, small but a mixture of grey and dark blue. These glass-blue beautiful eyes are my friend Monia's from Rome, not mine.

  5. Nihal, this post well depicts the variety and evolution of people, things and situations. What a thrilling trip :-)

  6. I completely enjoyed this post as well as the previous ones. What a wonderful trip you had! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Beautiful photos of your trip!

  8. That looks like a fabulous road trip! The pictures are wonderful, but I think I may like the low-tech marked-up road map the best.