Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dolce Far Niente

Gabriel O Pensador, the thinking man rapper, says..

pictured Giovanni, the funniest guy in our group
when visiting Pergamon ancient site, Izmir

"It's just so frustrating to see people who are stuck in a reality of their own and not to want to see new things."

I am hanging onto the feeling of freedom and enjoying 'electronically free' weekend. Interesting chapters from my travel to be cont' d -if you are ready to see all new and intriguing.


  1. Simpatico il tuo amico!
    Ciao dall'Italia

  2. Thanks a lot for your comments, Nihal!

    No problem for both of us to see new things, isn't it?!

    I'm waiting for something new and intriguing - so let's go... ;-))

    Regards, Uwe.

  3. @ Tiziana: Si era simpatico, davvero ho viaggiato con il gruppo straordinariamente simpatico. Ringrazio della tua visita sul mio blog, tanti cari saluti:)