Saturday, October 16, 2010

Where I Was Seen...


Friday: Drinking hot cup of tea, listening my fave Antonello Venditti, organizing my hundreds of beautiful photos taken during long road trip of kilometers..

Thursday: Seeing the impatient-waited pretty Julia's movie "Eat, Pray, Love" with friends, and wanting wish it could continue till early hours of the next morning..

Wednesday: Visiting St Stephen's Church in Istanbul
as the final stop of our big tour, proud to remember once again the part of the Ottoman Empire which was in Europe, where my roots come from, beloved Rumelia..

Tuesday: Thinking the experience of crossing this great country of ours, while going to see the ruins of Troia battle in the northwest of Dardanelles..

Monday: Admiring how much sun filled weather in Izmir, sur
rounded by beautiful Aegean blue, wanting to pick up some and place in my baggage, bring home..

Sunday: Excited taking a thermal bath at Spa resort hotel we stayed, swimming between natural hot minerals and mud at the Cotton Castle, gr
eatest fun I've ever had..

Saturday: In the bus thinking the difference between Turkish and foreigners whom I met during our trip, mostly americans (coming from California and Chicago) and carissimi italians (from Roma and around), knowing that I am a believer that if everyone in the world had a fatter passport we could all be better off=I mean, the more you travel the more you understand other cultures and can accept them for their good/bad:)

A cast iron church on the Golden Horn in Istanbul, St Stephen's, of the Bulgars

nb- my photos to enlarge, please click on each one.


  1. Hello Nihal! You have been pleasantly busy and really enjoyed the thrilling week. The pictures of St Stephen's Church are so beautiful.
    Happy Sunday :-)

  2. What a busy and varied week you have had, from thermal bathes, (great fun) to the cinema, )I am still waiting to read the book first). Beautiful photos

  3. I've been imagining what a wonderful time you were having. And, I am glad I was right. It all sounds wonderful.

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  5. @ Miss Ephesus: Welcome to my page:) How nice comment you left with useful links, thanks so much. Pleased to see you too had a great time discovering hidden treasures of the country.