Sunday, October 03, 2010

Focus On New Beginnings


The universe does not want me to set my watch, read newspapers, put up my feet, and take a nap. The planets want me to learn something and to become stronger, giver, kinder one after having weathered in different force winds:)

Taking a two-week of 'un grande tour' into the country from today. Rumi is calling me. My mother and I will also enjoy to viewing fall foliage...


  1. Hi Nihal, your blog is beautiful, interesting and very inspiring. I found you through Pietro's blog. Coulud you tell me please, is there a way I can send you a mail? Thanks for your answer.
    Have a nice day,
    Meda from Sarajevo

  2. I saw the other Martha in Turkey show this past weekend. This was the show that featured Cappadocia. Oh my, is is breathtaking.

    And, the carpets and pottery. I adored it all.

  3. Sometimes, after getting decent amount of work I feel like getting stronger too, but I am recently discovering that, indeed, mostly our 'libido' is getting stronger. And I guess that where the religion factor kicks in.

  4. Hello Nihal!
    Have a pleasant weekend and enjoy your trip :-)

  5. Ciao Nicole, ti auguro un buon fine settimana, qui ci proviamo...sei sempre intenzionata a fare una gita a Torino? Fammelo sapere:-) Mi stai quasi costringendo ad imparare l'inglese che non mi piace, ma tra te ed il gent. amico comune Pietro credo sarà necessario, oppure un traduttore "amico":-) Un abbraccio
    ps. si nota dalla foto una donna che non ha il tempo per mangiare come si deve e questo per una napoletana non va bene:-))Il rito del pasto da noi è importante, bisogna trovare il modo di fare un intervallo..è salutare:-)

  6. Enjoy Your trip and weekend, Nihal

  7. @ MedaM: From Sarajevo? So nice to have your visiting & welcome:) Sorry for being late as I was not here around for a while. Anytime you can reach me at welcometocrossroads {at} My e-mail as written on the sidebar, there's a contact button on the righthand of this blog. Thanks very much for the compliments anyway, looking fwd to hear from you when possible. Lots of love~

    @ Riri: Si, sono sempre intenzionata a fare una gita a Torino, certo io faccio saperti quando grantisco:) Imparare l'inglese? Non e necessario perche' io facilemente communicarVi, credi. Un abbraccio forte.